Meeting venue

The meeting events will take place in Palazzo Garzolini - Di Toppo WassermannVia Gemona 92, Udine, in the city center. Walking from the railway station to the building takes approximately 30 minutes. If you prefer not to walk, the venue is connected to the railway station (and to most locations in the city) by several local bus lines. Consult maps or tpl.fvg for bus schedules. Purchasing tickets for local buses is done via the Tpl Fvg phone app (you can download it from the page linked above) or in most newsstands/bars/tobacco shops.

How to reach Udine

By train

A few high speed direct connections are available from several cities in Italy, we suggest you consult the websites and for more information. In case you cannot find a direct connection, you will have to change at the Venice railway hub station Venezia Mestre (not Venezia S. Lucia!). To reach Udine from Venezia Mestre you can board trains having Udine as final destination as well as Trieste C.le (via UDINE). To check timetables and/or buy tickets, you can use the websites linked above. If you need to purchase tickets from nearby locations (e.g. Venezia Mestre, Treviso) be sure to also check the Regional search option on Udine is also connected by direct trains to Vienna, consult the website for more information.

By airplane

The three main airports close to Udine are Venice (Marco Polo airport, IATA code VCE), Trieste (Ronchi dei Legionari airport, IATA code TRS) and Treviso (Sant'Angelo airport, IATA code TSF).

  • Venice airport is served by all major airlines. From this airport you can easily reach Udine by train via the nearby Venezia Mestre railway station. There are convenient bus services from the airport to the Venezia Mestre railway station with a journey time of 20–25 minutes: check the airport website for up-to-date information and to buy your ticket (and be careful to take the bus to Mestre and not to Venezia). 

  • Trieste airport is the nearest airport to Udine and it is served by some international airlines. The Trieste Airport railway station is located just outside the airport: from there frequent trains can take you to Udine in about 35 minutes. There is also a bus service which can take you to the Udine bus station which is in front of the Udine railway station; journey time is about 1 hour; you can plan your journey and purchase tickets at the local public transportation website.

  • Treviso airport is conveniently served by some low-cost airlines. There are direct bus links from the airport to the Treviso and Venezia Mestre trailway stations. Treviso, together with Mestre, is along the train line from Venice to Udine. You can check the bus schedule and buy your tickets at the airport website.